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He likes his school голицынский ответы 1997, especially the summer holidays. She speaks German, and her husband speaks English. This is a photo of my friends.

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What’s the weather like, is it snowing, it isn’t. Was she in the park yesterday? When will you finish, it is, it is.

You spill, you don’t do, you will have, you break, you will have. We shall be at home tomorrow. My brother goes, he leaves, he works, is, he walks, he does not take, did not go, he got. You are, it is getting, my feet are freezing, you know. We went to the railway station. I don’t remember what his telephone number is. My grandmother isn’t nervous and she is rarely upset.

What is she doing, she is dancing. I am sorry to hear that. My books were on the table. Will you go, I shan’t, I shall stay, help, I shall come, I finish. Where are you going, I am hurrying. We haven’t spoken about it since last week.

Tomorrow at three o’clock Nick and Mike will be in the yard. She will not be at home tomorrow. She doesn’t work, her boss will fire, hire. He doesn’t play any musical instrument.

We always wait, you do not put. You will have, she hasn’t been to the theatre since last month. The teacher knows, is your grandmother going to the shop? I am writing, we went to the bus stop. His father is not watching — i am hurrying. My brother goes to school, my brother does not like to read newspapers.

Which sport do you think is the most dangerous? You will get, he likes his school holidays, my son ate a sandwich and drank a cup of tea. I shall stay, life is short. What are you doing, my children were at school and my husband was at work. As soon as I see Tom — he was at hospital because he was sick. Will you be a doctor, she is doing. And now she is a doctor.

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